As a freelancer or handyman you have to make an invoice for all goods and services that you provide to other entrepreneurs or employers. Although you would think that sending an invoice is the best part of all activities of an entrepreneur, creating an invoice remains tedious and difficult for many freelancers or handymen, and especially for starters. After all, you cannot just send an invoice, there are invoice requirements.

Many freelancers have difficulty asking the client for money for the services provided, while invoicing is the basis of all income. Invoicing is very important for the survival of your company and the relationship with your customer becomes unbelievable if you do not send an invoice. If you don't ask for your money, you are implicitly saying that your services are not much worth.

Invoice example

The articles of give you information on how to create an invoice that meets the requirements and what you can do as a freelancer or handyman to have the invoices paid on time. An example of an invoice has also been placed online that you can use to prepare your own invoices.

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