Landing page

Use your own landing page, with or without your own business email addresses, on your own domain name with your company name.

Landing page

A landing page is a webpage that visitors enter a website after clicking on a link. This can be done through a search engine like Google or through a SEA campaign. Any webpage of a website can be a landing page. But the principle of a landing page is that it is specially designed for a particular product or service that needs to be brought to the attention.

As a freelancer, if you do not have your own website, you can design and develop your own landing page for your business through in your corporate identity with your business information that your potential customers can access.

With a profile on can clients, who want to hire a freelancer for a freelance job or project, be forwarded to your landing page for more information about your company. has a lot of experience in online marketing for freelancers and can provide your own landing page.

You need a domain name for a landing page. Check a domain name and register your own domain name with your company name. With a domain name, you can also use your own business email addresses.

Options of a landing page

Technical email support via the helpdesk.
Domain name close
Domain name transfer check
Authorization code check
Modify data and DNS check
Hosting check
Backups check
Email addresses Optional
Responsive webdesign check
Number of webpages 1
Storage 1 GB
Web design check
Content Management System close
Web analytics check
Google AdWords campaign Optional
Contact form for customer reactions close
Searchmachine optimalisation close

Options for a landing page

Select one of the options available for a landing page and click on the button ‘Add to cart’ to place your order.

The option landing page with business email consists your own landing page of 1 web page and your own business email addresses with your company name. You can put up to 3 business e-mail addresses of your choice into operation, more is optional.

You pay € 20,00 per month for your business email and landing page, total € 240,00 per 12 months.

Business emailopen_in_new

€ 20,00 per month

€ 10,00 per month




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