As a company or private individual you can post one or more projects and jobs completely free of charge and without obligation. If you have post a project or job, freelancers and handymen can respond to this and issue a quote. You will automatically receive an email from us as soon as a quote has been issued. You can immediately assess the posted response and hire the freelancer or handyman.

Post a project

Posting a project is simple, free and done within seconds. You can manage projects easily yourself. This means that you can change them independently, delete or temporarily deactivate. Your project is automatically activated by the system and is visible after posting within minutes.

Delete account

Deleting your account is easy. If you are logged in, you will find the options to delete your account in the overview account.

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Information about doing business as a freelancer or handyman

As an orientating or starting freelancer or handyman, you will find all kinds of useful and valuable information in the articles on Freelance.website that will help you with your business or starting your own company.