As a freelancer or contractor, you can sign up for free and use Creating an account is easy and done within seconds. Immediately after your registration you will automatically receive a message via e-mail with an activation link to activate your account.

Once your account is activated by you, you can respond to projects and jobs which are posted by companies and private individuals and place a bid. Have you placed a bid, the principal can through contact you to hire you for the project.

Create a profile

As a freelancer or contractor, you can create a profile and fully manage independently. A profile can be found by principals such as companies with a project or by private individuals with a job in or around the house.

Delete account

Deleting your account is easy. If you are logged in, you will find the options to delete your account in the overview account.

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Information about doing business as a freelancer or handyman

As an orientating or starting freelancer or handyman, you will find all kinds of useful and valuable information in the articles on that will help you with your business or starting your own company.


Extensive profile

Create an extensive profile to increase your brand awareness

A profile is indispensable for you as a freelancer or handyman with a company to be able to do business and for online marketing.

Extensive profile