Buy solar panels

Updated on 12-10-2022

What should you keep in mind when buying solar panels? In this article we will discuss this question and more to inform you well before purchasing solar panels so that you can make the right choice well prepared and save as much energy as possible.

Types of solar panels

If you want to buy solar panels, you can choose from many different types. You can choose mono, poly or thin film solar panels. A solar panel is made up of several layers. The functional layer is the one with the solar cells. With a monocrystalline solar panel, also called mono solar panels, the solar panel consists of only one silicon crystal. In a polycrystalline solar panel, also called poly solar panels, the solar cells consist of several silicon crystals. Mono solar panels are black panels and contain mono cells. Poly solar panels are dark blue panels and contain poly cells and have an aluminum edge. Thin film solar panels, also called CIS (Copper Indium Selenium) or CISG, are an environmentally friendly alternative to the common poly- and monocrystalline solar panels. The popularity of CIS solar panels is increasing enormously. The main argument for this is the appearance, CIS solar panels are a beautiful deep black, while the performance is excellent.

The power of solar panels

The maximum power of solar panels is expressed in Watt peak, often abbreviated with Wp. Watt peak is the power that indicates how much power a solar panel generates in ideal weather conditions. Often, how more expensive the solar panel is, how more Watt peak it gives. A 365 Wp solar panel generates an average of 310 kilowatt hours (kWh) on an annual basis. By way of comparison, an average household consumes about 3500 kWh of electricity per year. For an optimal yield of your solar panels, it is important that the total power corresponds to your situation, such as your annual power consumption and the available roof surface. If you have a limited roof area and you can place fewer solar panels, then you need solar panels with a higher capacity than average that still yield sufficient.

Solar panels degrade slightly in power every year. This means that a solar panel always performs better in the first few years than the same solar panel that has been on your roof for several years. This is different for every brand of solar panel. With one solar panel that is 0.5% per year and with another solar panel 2%. A factor to take into account. It is also true that a solar panel with a certain capacity from one brand does not always provide the same amount of power as a solar panel with the same capacity from another brand.