De Knapzak PR & Branding

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Bedrijfsnaam: De Knapzak PR & Branding
Naam: Anouk
Vestigingsplaats: AMSTERDAM
Actief sinds: 04-10-2017

PR, (online)marketing en social media

De Knapzak PR & Branding bundles PR and branding activities in the segments travel, body and mind. Founder Anouk van Haaster is a creative, globetrotting networker with a PR, social media and (online) branding background.
“I want to inspire people and tell stories behind brands which matches my personal passions: traveling, sports, different cultures, unique interiors and brands and people with a positive story. Through PR and branding activities I would like to convey the ‘living the good life’ lifestyle and make people aware of this beautiful world.

Genuine and well-fitting collaborations will results in the best credible output for media, consumers and for the brands. So, let’s work together!
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